The old structure of the Casa Museu, now renovated, houses several spaces, we are talking about the production of the Talha Wine of the Rézio Family in Borba.

In a time that expands and deepens more and more interest in our roots, here we can experience and broaden our knowledge through visual contact with objects that were used for the production of wine, as well as using interactive devices that portray the history of wine. in Talha and the Rézio family.

Let’s take on the challenge of Innovating with Tradition! Tradition of the production of wine in carving, an ancestral technique that dates back to Roman times and that Alentejo has never lost. It will be a House Museum that, although old, returns to the future and hides in this space, which was and is Winery.

Along the way, the younger ones also have access to interactive games that, by using them in a playful way, broaden their knowledge about this tradition.

At the end of the visit we have a patio where the visitor can enjoy, a terrace and a cafeteria with flavors and smells typical of the region.

A bit of the History of this House now Museum, told by the current owners:
In 1936, this house was bequeathed by will of the original owner to our grandfather, his nephew and godson. On December 25, 1937, our grandparents got married, and they have made this house their family home ever since. This house, dating from the 19th century, has on its ground floor the wine cellar with 46 original clay pots, vinegar cellar, patio, old stables, well and on the upper floor the housing part. In the past, wine, vinegar and brandy were made here.

The winery worked until the Adega Cooperativa de Borba came into operation in 1957. This is a house with a past, but to which the Rézio Family wanted to give a future, a future with a history that only gains its deserved dimension when it is shared with everyone. ! Welcome to our Home!

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