This is a house with a past, from our past, but to which we wanted to give a future, a future with history that only gains the dimension it deserves when and if shared with everyone.

We want you to feel and imagine the smells, conversations and work that went through this winery every day. The journey is a guide through new technologies!

Our challenge is to Innovate with Tradition! Tradition of wine production in carved wood, an ancestral technique that dates back to Roman times and which Alentejo has never lost. Innovation using multimedia: your cell phone or tablet will be the window to a reality, which although old, returns to the future and hides in this space, which was and is a wine cellar.

The museum’s objective is to make everyone who visits us aware of the characteristic aspects of winemaking, namely carved wine, from a regional historical and cultural perspective through multimedia content and digital interactions.

The entire museum is equipped with digital equipment, with one of the rooms entirely dedicated to multimedia, where it is possible to watch a film about the process of producing carved wine, the history of Borba, local traditions and family history.

The presence of interactive content is one of the museum’s main attractions and differentiating features.

At the end of the visit, you can enjoy a space for tasting wines, cheeses and sausages or simply enjoy the atmosphere of the patio, in the shade of a lemon tree with the smell of mint.