In 1936, the initial owner, José Manuel da Silva, inherited our grandfather Mariano, his nephew and godson, this building in his last will. It has been the family home ever since our grandparents Esmeralda and Mariano got married, on December 25th , 1937.

This house, built in the 19th century, consists of a ground floor with a winery equipped with 46 original clay amphorae, a vinegar cellar, a courtyard with stables and a water well, and an upper floor with the private living area of the family. Wine, vinegar and brandy were formerly produced here.

The winemaking in this winery ended with the commissioning of the Adega Cooperativa de Borba in 1957. The Adega Cooperativa de Borba was founded in 1955 and our grandfather Mariano was one of the first founding partners.


This house is full of old memories, our memories, which we want to bring back to life, for a future life-history, but  this purpose will only gain the  deserved dimension if it is shared with everyone.

We want you to perceive the smells, to experience the daily conversations and activities that were common in this winery.

You will be guided through this time journey with new technologies!

We are facing the challenge of innovation with tradition!

The tradition of winemaking in clay amphorae, an ancient technique that goes back to Roman times and that have been preserved in the Alentejo region.

The innovation through guided tours with interactive media: your mobile or tablet will be the window to a reality that, although past, appears present, hidden between these walls, where a winery existed and still exist.


After your visit, you can taste wines on the terrace, as well as cheese, sausage and ham specialties or just enjoy the moment in the shade of a lemon tree and the scent of fresh mint.

The museum has been designed whether for professional or private use and therefore offers space for a wide variety of events such as meetings, workshops, wine tastings, concerts, birthday parties, etc. Contact us and together we will surely find the best solution for your request.


Visit Ticket
Price: 5,00 € per person

Visit Ticket + Wine Tasting
Price: €7.50 per person
– Olive Oil Tasting
– Tasting of two wines (Talha, Red, White or Rosé)

Visit Ticket + Wine Tasting + Snack
Price: €10.00 per person
– Olive Oil Tasting
– Tasting of two wines (Talha, Red, White or Rosé)
– Cheese board and/or regional sausages

– Family Ticket (1 adult and 2 minors between 12 and 18 years old) – 15.00 €

Free Entry (upon documentary evidence)
– Children up to 10 years old, inclusive

Group visits, wine tastings, snacks and other actions must be booked in advance by calling + 351 925 076 864 or by email: geral@emrezio.pt.

Payment Method
Payment by TPA (Automatic Payment Terminals) │ MBWAY
Exceptionally, at the ticket office, payment in cash is accepted if the amount to be received is accurate.

Victor Noruegas live

On the 24th of March at 21:00h, at Casa Museu Interativa de Borba, we received Victor Noruegas, for another night of live music!

Free entry with a minimum consumption of €10 (snacks and wine).

Bring your friends!

Email: geral@emrezio.pt
Phone: 925 076 864