In 1936, this house was bequeathed by will of the original owner José Manuel da Silva to our grandfather Mariano, his nephew and godson. On December 25, 1937, our grandparents Esmeralda and Mariano got married, and have made this house their family home ever since.

This winery operated until Adega Cooperativa de Borba came into operation in 1957. Adega Cooperativa de Borba was founded in 1955 and had our grandfather Mariano as a founding partner.

Respect for our family, love for Borba, respect for the people of this land and for the intangible heritage that was passed on to us were the great driving force for this project.


The Museum is located on the ground floor of this house dating from the 19th century, where we have the wine cellar with 46 original clay pots, the vinegar cellar, the courtyard, the old stable and the well. In the past, wine, vinegar and brandy were made here. On the upper floor of the house is the family’s living space.


This is a house with a past, from our past, but to which we wanted to give a future, a future with history that only gains the dimension it deserves when and if shared with everyone.

We want you to feel and imagine the smells, conversations and work that went through this winery every day. The journey is a guide through new technologies!

Our challenge is to Innovate with Tradition! Tradition of wine production in carved wood, an ancestral technique that dates back to Roman times and which Alentejo has never lost. Innovation using multimedia: your cell phone or tablet will be the window to a reality, which although old, returns to the future and hides in this space, which was and is a wine cellar.

The museum’s objective is to make everyone who visits us aware of the characteristic aspects of winemaking, namely carved wine, from a regional historical and cultural perspective through multimedia content and digital interactions.

The entire museum is equipped with digital equipment, with one of the rooms entirely dedicated to multimedia, where it is possible to watch a film about the process of producing carved wine, the history of Borba, local traditions and family history.

The presence of interactive content is one of the museum’s main attractions and differentiating features.

At the end of the visit, you can enjoy a space for tasting wines, cheeses and sausages or simply enjoy the atmosphere of the patio, in the shade of a lemon tree with the smell of mint.


The configuration of the museum space allows for versatile use, making it possible to hold business and personal events, such as meetings, workshops, wine tastings, concerts, birthday parties, Educational Services/Schools, among others.


Visit Ticket
Price: 5,00 € per person

Visit Ticket + Wine Tasting
Price: 10,00 € per person
– Olive Oil Tasting
– Tasting of two wines (One Talha, Red or White and one Red, White or Rosé)

Visit Ticket + Wine Tasting + Snack
Price: 15.00 € per person
– Olive Oil Tasting
– Tasting of two wines (One Talha, Red or White and one Red, White or Rosé)
– Cheese board and/or regional sausages

Visit Ticket + Talha Wine Tasting + Snack
Price: 20,00 € per person
– Olive Oil Tasting
– Tasting of two Talha wines (Red or White)
– Cheese board and/or regional sausages

Free Entry (upon documentary evidence)
– Children up to 10 years old, inclusive

Group visits, wine tastings, snacks and other actions must be booked in advance by calling + 351 925 076 864 or by email: geral@emrezio.pt.

Payment Method
Payment by TPA (Automatic Payment Terminals) │ MBWAY
Exceptionally, at the ticket office, payment in cash is accepted if the amount to be received is accurate.


Casa Museu Interativa de Borba has prepared for you a set of experiences that you can enjoy alone or in the company of your family, friends or collaborators.

From wine tasting to snacks, from meals with live Cante Alentejano to sidecar motorcycle rides, these are just some of the options we have for you.

Check out our tour packages here and pay us a visit!

Cultural Agenda


At Casa Museu Interativa de Borba, the Educational Service has the challenging responsibility of transmitting knowledge about the history, experiences and production cycle of Talha Wine in Alentejo, as well as disseminating the heritage assets in its custody and information associated with it. .

Throughout the school year, the Educational Service of the Casa Museu Interativa de Borba welcomes students of all age groups with a wide range of activities complementary to the curricular content, which can always be adapted to different situations and contexts.

See our entire offer here.

We are at your disposal to find the best solution for you or your company by phone + 351 925 076 864 or by email: geral@emrezio.pt

Easter holidays at the Museum | Free Time Activities

This Easter, on the 27th and 28th of March and the 3rd and 4th of April, the Educational Service of EMRézio – Casa Museu Interativa de Borba, invites all children, between 6 and 14 years old, to participate in the seasonal activities program free, full of art, history and discovery, prepared especially to stimulate your curiosity and creativity.

Throughout these days, there will be countless activities, workshops, games and visits, ranging from the study of the Roman Empire, intrinsic to the Museum’s exhibition, to the celebration of Easter and spring.

The Museum provides snacks with juices, fruit and cheese.

Registration: geral@emrezo.pt. T: +351 925 076 864

Amélia and Teresa

This project was born from the Rézio family’s desire to continue telling their story.

Amélia and Teresa made their family home their home, which you can visit in the heart of Borba.

Come and discover more about carved wine. We hope you like it and help us spread the message and love that we continue to feel for Borba.